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Best PA System Supplier Bangladesh

Best PA System Supplier Bangladesh Heartz Bangla Ltd,

Conference Sound System The new Ahuja Conference System facilitates smooth conduct of meetings by providing required level of intelligible sound reinforcement. The system is designed to handle a wide variety of conference applications in Boardrooms, Large Conference Halls as well as open conferencing in Convention Centres.                           See All>>

Ahuja PA Amplifier Supplier Bangladesh is a rugged and most reliable dual channel amplifier. it sets a new benchmark for professionals requiring a sonically superior, high power amplifier. it has been designed to operate under stringent working conditions such as wide voltage fluctuations due to gensets/AC mains and high ambient temperatures. Adequate safeguards have been built-in to counter adverse working conditions. ease of operation, combined with service accessibility has been optimized in the design.                 See All>>

Ahuja PA Speaker Bangladesh AHUJA RADIOS is today India’s leading manufacturer & exporter of Public Address Equipment. Established in 1940, in last 8 decades we have been able to cement AHUJA as the most trusted brand in sound reinforcement industry by introducing reliable products through continuous research & development. Right since the inception company has aspired and worked diligently towards offering wide range of products to fulfill every conceivable PA application requirement.                   See All >>

Microphone is a most elegant and durable Live Stage Performance Microphone with TwO CARTRIdGES for good distance pick-up. High sensitivity and supercardioid pattern makes it ideal for Live Stage Performances, as well as Vocal and Choir applications.            See All>>